April 25-28, 2019


Congratulations to F.T.E.'s sister team, Youth Division riders Eloise and Faye Calloway on their recent success at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center Burbank Showcase garnering the High Point Championship Title and First Place wins in an exciting weekend of horsemanship! Thank you to all of our proud supporters and sponsors:  Devoucoux Saddles, Horse Logic Pro, Ms. M. Aguilar, Ms. A. Ortega, Mrs. Loida Nicolas Lewis, Mrs. Sonia Delen, Ms. Sandy Shields, Three Jewels Studio, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Skold.  

This Article has been updated as of 11/14/2019 * (see below)

*Pls. note that since this article's publication, Karen De Los Angeles aka Karen Pamintuan of KDLA Equestrian is NO LONGER affiliated in any way, shape or form with Topline Initiative or the Filiipino Team of Equestrians & its associates as of 11/14/2019.

Please come and join The Filipino Team of Equestrians Youth Dressage Division on their debut as a team down center line this 2019 at the upcoming Burbank Showcase at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.  We look forward to seeing you at this exciting and fun-filled event for the whole family!   

February 22-24, 2019

We are honored to have hosted the  RODRIGO DA COSTA MATOS RIDING IN HARMONY CLINIC who made his final stop for his U.S. tour in Southern California where the Filipino Team of Equestrians Youth Dressage Division participated as exhibitors along with other exhibitors.  The event was a huge success and we look forward to yet another experience from the Maestro himself!  To learn more:  http://rodrigo-matos.com

Maestro Matos performing the "Capriole", a very difficult movement that requires exceptional skill in both horse and rider  

We would like to give our thanks to all our exhibitors and supporters:

The Filipino Team of Equestrians (Youth Riders, Eloise & Faye Calloway)

Dressage for All Disciplines (Tane McClure, GP Rider & Trainer 

& Celine Kahn, Adult Amateur Rider)

Step Aside Stables (Taylor White, Youth Rider & Dana Kanstul, Professional Rider & Trainer, Joanne Asman, Equestrian & Owner)

C3 Horses (Professional Trainers & Riders: Josie, Sydney & Cheryl Croasmun)

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Buccieri, Julianna Buccieri, Youth Rider

Hillcrest Ranch​ Granda Hills, CA 

Devoucoux Saddles

Three Jewels Studio

Sydney Croasmun Photography

CB Homecare Hospice & St. Anthony Hospice

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Skold

Rocio Nuyda

Sonia Delen